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"This is a deftly choreographed, startlingly personal important first look at a whole world that is still too invisible to those outside it."
Angela Jamison
UCLA Labor Center

"Every educator, community leader and policymaker should watch this film..."
Arturo Vargas
Exececutive Director


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The Sixth Section is a groundbreaking documentary that blends digital animation, home video, cinema verité, and interview footage to depict the transnational organizing of a community of Mexican immigrants in New York. The men profiled in the film form an organization called ‘Grupo Unión,’ which is devoted to raising money in the United States to rebuild the Mexican town that they’ve left behind. Grupo Unión is one of at least a thousand “hometown associations” formed by Mexican immigrants in the United States, and they are beginning to have a major impact in the politics and economics of both the U.S. and Mexico.

The Sixth Section is the first documentary to tell this story.

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"A marvel of concision at 27 minutes, The Sixth Section is a conceptually sophisticated, formally inventive portrait of a Mexican migrant community inhabiting a transnational space ..."
Ioannis Mookas
Senses of Cinema

"Poignantly captures the experience of Mexican immigrants who actively work for their communities both here and in the country they have left behind."
Rafael Ramirez
Vice President for Development

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